Mini F55 GPS problem


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May 27, 2024
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I want to ask for help! I have a 2016 F55 Minim, the head unit had to be replaced because the hard drive died. The specialist who made it put another head unit in it and everything works except the map! If you give the map a new address, it plans the route, but the starting point is the service location, and the position of the map is stuck there! No matter where you go, the situation remains at that point on the map! It's like he doesn't know where the car is! I checked the OABR connector, it connected well, we have already sold the antenna. Maybe someone has an idea? I also thought that it could be something with programming? We don't have an ATM unit, only TPL, could this be the problem?
Unfortunately, we haven't been able to use the map for a year, it's so annoying!


There would be rather question why previously specialist did replace whole unit instead of only hdd.
Further diagnostics are needed to check what exact version of unit is installed.
Why did not return to specialist and not let him fix that issue?
He said that he would rather put another head unit in it. For 1 year, he has been promising that he is looking for a solution, but we can't get from 1 to 2! Everything works, only the map is stuck on the programming location! Someone said that the head unit is not receiving a signal. I also told him to reprogram it, but he doesn't really want to do it. But in my opinion, it only received a signal at some point because the programming location was entered into the car's memory!
This replacement unit have GPS port? Must check whats going on with reception/signal, because reflashing unit might not fix the issue.
with due respect to all service providers out there , I found that most of them have little to no experience when it comes to NBT and EVO repair , so it is easier to offer used headunit because they can patch it and call it a day .

As Admin said , looks like the headunit is not getting your current location , so either wrong hardware was provided or wrong coding . Or if you are the one who installed the headunit and your headunit has GPS socket , maybe you have missed that connector and it is not plugged to the headunit.

If you have picture of your original headunit and the donor headunit , then we can check if the donor headunit is compatible with your car specs.
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