MHD tuning maps


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Sep 6, 2023
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MHD tuning maps for turbo BMWs and the new Toyota Supra mk5.
All the files were decrypted/reverse engineered from official MHD android app.
Stage 1, 2 and some 2+ with different fuel combinations 91, 93, e30, e50 etc
Maps come with the original bin and the tuner pro xdf for editing. (can be opened also in WinOls if you have xdf importer)
List of available engines(can be checked also on MHD webpage).
E Series N54 - MSD80/MSD81
E Series N55 - MEVD17.2.x
F-G Series/B58 - MG1CS003 (extra: matching Damos included)
F-G Series/B58tu1_m1 - MG1CS201
F-G Series/B58tu1_o1 - MG1CS201
F-G Series/N13 - MEVD17.2.5
F-G Series/N55(M2) - MEVD17.2.G
F-G Series/fN55ewg - electronic wg - MEVD17.2.G (extra: matching Damos included)
F-G Series/fN55pwg - pneumatic wg - MEVD17.2.x
F-G Series/S55 f8x - MEVD17.2.G (extra: matching Damos included)
F-G Series/S58 - MG1CS024 (extra: matching Damos included)
F-G Series/S63tu0 - MEVD 17.2.H
F-G Series/S63tu4 - MG1CS201
+Extra software versions with xdfs available for converting maps

You can contact me in private if you have any further questions regarding the package.

Also for sale is a tablet with hacked mhd apps


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