Instructions to program Volvo P2 remote control at reasonable cost


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Jul 9, 2022
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Hello, everyone. As far as the Volvo remote programming scene goes, then everyone knows that the "official" way is expensive and there are no OBD2 programmable third party remotes available for purchase.

I would like to share the way i program remote control on the P2 platform (1998 - 2016) V70, S60, XC90 and others.

Firstly, you will need to acquire a second hand interior mirror with a known working remote control.
Secondly a device will be needed to read the eeprom of second hand interior mirrors. Any reader which supports it will be good, but i use IO terminal with Volvo authorization. With this device, you can read every mirror easily thru OBD2. Just connect the second hand interior mirror(IO Terminal has function to recognize the type of installed mirror mask - 3L40K or 0K75F) to the car and read the dump, Reconnect the original mirror and read its dump too.

Once you have both dumps, now its time to transfer the remote data - please see the attached pictures to gain understanding how the eeprom remote data is stored.
You can move each remote seperately from dump to dump. I hope my idea is clear - if we move the used remote from our scrapyard mirror to the cars original mirror, the remote will be "progammed" and fully functional on the target volvo

To determine which exactly is your scrapyard remotes id, do it by trial and error by moving each saved remote one by one.

Volvo P2 platform can have up to 6 active remote controls

FF FF FF FF (upper data) and 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 (lower data) means that remote space is unused

You need to transfer the full dataset of remote control info ( upper 4 byte and lower 8 byte remote info must be transfered accordingly.)


Thanks for the valuable info.