BMW NBT EVO adjustment block: dump, edit and upload back


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Jul 2, 2022
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Instructions how to manually dump, edit changes and upload adjustment block for NBT Evo units. It can be also done automatically using HU Engineering Tools/featureinstaller etc.
Unit needs to have SSH opened for these procedures! Instructions are for experienced users only and needs to have understanding about using console. No complains if bricked 🫠

  • Dumping​

Upload sysetV850io (rar file added in attachment) file to root of usb flash memory (fat32 or exfat formatted for Evo units).
Plug it in the Evo unit and connect to it using ssh client - Putty as example.
user: root pass: ts&SK412

Check how usb is mounted using command:
ls /net/hu-omap/mnt
In this case usb is mounted as umass02200t175
Copy sysetV850io file from usb to unit:
cp /net/hu-omap/mnt/umass02200t175/sysetV850io .
Change access for copied file:
chmod +x sysetV850io

Then sysetV850io file is ready to be used for adjust block dumping/extract/backup.
Use following command to dumping from unit:
sysetV850io --ipc=/net/hu-jacinto/dev/ipc/ipc10 --dump --adjust
File will be saved as sysetV850io_dump_adjust_0_*timestamp*.bin You can check exact name by using ls command in terminal.

You can then copy this file to your flash memory back using cp command (and dont forget change umass name if its different for you):
cp sysetV850io_dump_adjust_0_*timestamp*.bin /net/hu-omap/mnt/umass02200t175/

  • Editing​

After editing adjustment block info, checksum also needs to be corrected. You can ask here and upload your original adjustment block and say what info needs to be edited, we will upload edited file with adjusted checksum.

  • Uploading back to the headunit​

Copy edited file to usb and plug in the unit. *if unit was rebooted then systev850io file again needs to be copied and chmoded.
cp /net/hu-omap/mnt/umass02200t175/sysetV850edited.bin

Removing adjust block​

sysetV850io --ipc=/net/hu-jacinto/dev/ipc/ipc10 --erase --adjust --partindex=1 sysetV850io --ipc=/net/hu-jacinto/dev/ipc/ipc10 --erase --adjust --partindex=0


After executing you can write back edited file. Edit path filename accordingly yours:
sysetV850io --ipc=/net/hu-jacinto/dev/ipc/ipc10 --load --path=/dev/shmem/sysetV850edited.bin --adjust --partindex=0 sysetV850io --ipc=/net/hu-jacinto/dev/ipc/ipc10 --load --path=/dev/shmem/sysetV850edited.bin --adjust --partindex=1


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