BMW NBT EMMC pinout for reading without desoldering


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Jul 2, 2022
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BMW NBT EMMC pinout for reading without desoldering
4 pcs resistors needs to be removed, but when Micron EMMC is populated- additional marked transistor also needs to be removed for reading.


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Hello, could someone please provide dumps for the EMMC board? I have two emmc boards with no signal
What exact nbt hw version?
One is HW 31 and the other one is HW07

Thx for Help
I should have them. I will upload it and send you link. But probably only next week.
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hey friend, i hope you don't forget me :)
And thank you for your help and effort once again
I didnt have chance to upload them.
@Rajco link will be active for next 24hours. Hw31 i will check later
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I need emmc software, I installed the one shared here and there is no signal left.
My friend, which tool should I use for installation?
I installed the one shared her
How exactly you installed it? Also there are different hw versions. And Jacinto part of unit have to be functional before messing with Omap part.