BMW MGU FSC patching/virgin


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Jan 31, 2023
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hello everybody. does someone have have programm for patching mgu? my target is virgine used mgu, change vin by esys,download repair pack,(or generate coustum if it is possible) and validate unit in aos
Hi @xumarbaz777
Moved Your question to separate topic for discussion.

At the moment, there are no such programs for MGU headunits. Every unit has to be opened on the bench, programmed "on the pcb" - manually virginized and uploaded fake signed fsc.
for me is not a problem to desolder emm and read out it on programmer. even i have already saved dumps from 128gb and 32gb emmc s
but i dont know how to modify (mean how to delet original fsc,etc) and how to generate costum fsc for mgu
This info is not available publicly and for free.
at this moment i can open emmc dump in linux reader and have acess to all partions