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Sep 18, 2023
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Hi everyone I have a 2016 f10 I had to replace the Zgw with a used one I tried to back it up from the Cas but it didn’t work properly. My vo is missing my transfer case. Can anyone help me make a vo for my car. Thank you.
So I was trying to make a key with autohex on the bench and it corrupted the Zgw. I was stupid and didn’t save vo before hand.
If not works let us know and we will help you remotly...
Hi do I need to download any special way. I keep getting error c430 when trying to convert file
also i down loaded the fa from the car and it looks almost the same.


It looks like the vo is exactly the same just asking your opinion.
I see that i used wrong month in timecriteria and i edited it now, but shouldn't be problem anyways.
Can you post exact error screenshot, you are using e-sys?
I will when I get home later. Thank you again for the help.
So I’m going to send you a copy of my vo I got my old Zgw to work I’m an idiot and bent a pin unbent it and it back to normal now. Thank you for all the help but I will up date you with the picture you asked for.
So I have a stupid question I got a Zgw from a 2016 528 my car is a 2016 528xi I know it shouldn’t make a difference. I reinstalled the old Zgw recover the Fa back to the Cas. Then reinstalled the new(used ) Zgw and tried to back up the Fa to the new Zgw but still had the same issue. I am I doing something wrong.
Here are explanations of controls what you are seeing there and file structure/info will be different.
VCM Master: Read Data Read and display all backup relevant data (FA, FP, SVT Target, I-Steps) from VCM.
VCM Master: Write Data Write all displayed data (FA, FP, SVT Target, I-Steps) to VCM.
Backup Data
Master backup function: Read and display all backup relevant data (FA, FP, SVT Target, I-Steps) from VCM
and write it to Backup Partner (normally CAS).
Restore Data Master backup function: Read and display FA, FP, SVT target and I-Steps from CAS and write to VCM.
VCM Backup: Read Data Read and display FA, FP, SVT Target and I-Steps from CAS.
VCM Backup: Write Data alle backuprelevanten und dargestellten Daten (FA, FP, SVT-Soll, I-Stufen) werden in den Backup-Partner (in
der Regel CAS) geschrieben
VCM Backup: Read FA Read and display FA and VIN from CAS.
VCM Backup: Write FA Write displayed FA to CAS.
VCM Backup: Read I-Steps Display I-Steps read from Backup Partner (normally CAS).
VCM Backup: Write I-Steps Write displayed I-Steps to Backup Partner (normally CAS).
VIN: Read VIN Read VIN from backup.
VIN: Update VIN from VIN Master Update VCM backup VIN with VCM master VIN

Have you done simple coding to donor module with loaded original vo/fa? Also ZGW VIN can be changed in tool32 using steuern_vin_schreiben
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Ok thank you I will try that and see what happens.
I was told if I read the vin from the Cas that it would be written to the Zgw when I did a backup is that not true. That might be were I messed up.