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    BMW FSC repair pack requests

    here you go...
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    Bmw F10 Vo

    If not works let us know and we will help you remotly...
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    lookup.xml file

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    lookup.xml file

    Hello,anybody who has new lookup.xml file to generate map codes for NEXT 2023-2? Thanks!
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    latest esys version

    Attached latest version of ESYS for X64
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    bmw G30 0281034204

    Full working dump
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    full working dump
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    CAS2 (white box)_bmw E60

    this is a working full dump
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    bmw CAS4 F10_EWS4 full dump

    This is a full working dump
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    BMW CAS3 0L01Y without elv

    this is a flash without ELV
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    BMW CAS2_E65

    This is a full working dump for E65 with 0K50E